DBF Viewer 2000

DBF Viewer 2000 Version 4.85 Free trial

Gets easy access to the data in your DBF files using this powerful and efficient DBF extractor tool

DBF files are those files which have been saved using anyone of the popular database applications such as Clipper, Foxpro, FoxBase, Visual Dbase and Visual Foxpro. These database applications are still popular among computer users and the DBF Viewer 2000 can help them extract the data that has been stored in such files. Using this program, a user can freely edit the data in DBF files and sort them according to their preference. They can also run queries using the program and delete any duplicate entries that they might come across so as to improve the efficiency of the database. Users can also print the database tables that help them to understand the relationship between each table and how they are connected to one another. One of the useful features of DBF Viewer 2000 is that it allows users to extract the data found in DBF files to other formats such as CSV, HTML, XML and Excel with the help of a few simple steps. If you have any memo fields in any of the supported formats, you can go ahead and edit it without any worries. There is absolutely no need for users to install any external drivers in order to connect to their databases when using the DBF Viewer 2000. The program also includes support for the latest iteration of the Windows operating system and it works seamlessly with the previous iterations as well.
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